Christian Science Testimony

         We wish to express heartfelt thanks to God for the wonderful healing, through the Christ-Science, of our beloved and only child, nine years of age. On Sunday, May 8, 1910, about six o'clock, while playing on the third floor of the unfinished high school building, she lost her footing and fell to the concrete floor below. Kind friends went to her assistance, and it was found that her injuries were very severe. The whole appearance was dreadful, especially the spinal injuries, and one arm and side, while the face was scarcely recognizable. She was so completely stunned by the fall that it was nearly an hour before she became conscious; then the sense of suffering was very great.

         A Christian Science practitioner was called, who, after seeing the child, at once took up treatment for her. In two or three minutes the little one was brought into the house without pain, but the undressing brought on terrible distress again. She was then treated in Christian Science, and in about ten minutes was sleeping quietly and naturally. The unavoidable noise about the house which usually attends such occurrences aroused the child, but she was again treated and slept soundly till midnight, when in straightening the coverings she was awakened and violent pain once more set in. The Scientist again responded to our call, and told us not to be afraid. In a very few minutes the pain was entirely relieved and the child slept quietly on throughout the night.

         She showed surprising conditions all day Monday, playing games out on the porch with her little friends, eating plentifully of anything she wanted, and on Tuesday was out among the neighbors two and three blocks from home, only a little frail, and with all her natural rosy color and not a blemish on her body. On Wednesday she entered school, with only a slight muscular weakness of the arm and a slight tenderness in the shoulder and wrist, and this in a few days was entirely gone. Our friends, who sent in many flowers and kind inquiries, were amazed at the result; but they need not have been if they had only stopped to realize that God is all-power. According to material and mortal belief there was only the remotest chance for the child's life, and in the case of the spinal injuries we know that it was only the Christ-cure that saved her, and made her little body symmetrical instead of being in a lifelong state of helplessness and deformity.

         Before this accident occurred I myself had been taking Christian Science treatment, and had been giving "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" a careful, prayerful study for three weeks, and I was completely healed. My healing included a glorious spiritual quickening, and so I could unreservedly place my child in the hands of God, through a Christian Scientist's understanding of Him. I realize that it was only by a "closer walk with God" that Mrs. Eddy was able to bring to darkened, suffering humanity this wonderful spiritual and physical healing — the Christ-cure with its benign influence which is ever ready waiting for "whosoever will." We gladly acknowledge Christ before men, and praise God for His glorious gift to this age.

Mrs. George H. Woodliff
Lawton, Oklahoma


"Testimonies from the Field"
The Christian Science Journal, December, 1911

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