Complete Anthology of Latin American Guitar Duets
Laurindo Almeida

Most of us already own Brazilian Soul, the very popular, Grammy-nominated Concord CD of duets by Charlie Byrd and Laurindo Almeida. This beautiful collection offers transcriptions of eight of the ten duets from Brazilian Soul, as well as nine more duets! Strong, challenging material for you and a fellow guitarist. (I've marked the duets from Brazilian Soul with an asterisk* in the list below.)

Produced with the performers in mind, you'll actually receive 3 books: the score with both guitar parts and, to minimize page turns, a separate book for each guitarist. Music notation only—No TAB. Very highly recommended!

  • Brazilian Soul*
       by Radamés Gnattali, arr. Laurindo Almeida
  • Canhoto (Chôro)
       by Radamés Gnattali, arr. Laurindo Almeida
  • Cariòca*
       by Ernésto Nazareth, arr. Laurindo Almeida
  • Carinhoso
       by Alfredo Vianna (Pixinguinha), arr. L. Almeida
  • Chôro*
       by João Pernambuco, arr. Charlie Byrd
  • Cochichando*
       by Alfredo Vianna (Pixinguinha), arr. Laurindo Almeida
  • Famôso*
       by Ernésto Nazareth, arr. Laurindo Almeida
  • For Jeff*
       by Charlie Byrd
  • Intermezzo Malinconico
       by Manuel M. Ponce, arr. Laurindo Almeida
  • La Cumparsita
       by Rodriguez & Contursi, arr. Laurindo Almeida
  • Los Enamorados (L Énamourée)
       by Reynaldo Hahn, arr. Laurindo Almeida
  • Lupèrce*
       by Lupèrce Miranda
  • Naquêle Tempo*
       by Alfredo Vianna (Pixinguinha), arr. Laurindo Almeida
  • Nostalgia
       by José Barroso, arr. Laurindo Almeida
  • Pagina Romantica
       by Stanley Wilson, arr. Laurindo Almeida
  • Tango Español
       by Isaac Albeniz
  • Turbilhão de Beijos (Turbulent Kisses)
       by Ernésto Nazareth, arr. L. Almeida

* From the Laurindo Almeida / Charlie Byrd CD Brazilian Soul

Music Notation Only (No TAB) Book: $19.95

Brazilian Soul CD: $12.95

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