The Magnificent Guitar
of Jorge Morel: A Life of Music
John McClellan & Deyan Bratic

McClellan & Bratic gave us the very popular 2-volume series, CHET ATKINS: In Three Dimensions. Now they're back with a another tribute destined to become a classic, this time devoted to the great Argentine guitarist, Jorge Morel. As with the Atkins series, detailed guitar transcriptions are peppered with interesting, insightful articles and interviews with Jorge, his friends, family, and some of the most respected guitarists in the world. Features 21 Morel arrangements and compositions.
Please note: Standard music notation only – No TAB.
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  • Little Fantasy
  • Staccato Dance
  • Danza De Mayoo
  • Jugueteando
  • American Fantasy
  • Misionera (1963)
  • Misionera (1968)
  • Run Away Guitar
  • Olga
  • Cancion Del Viento
  • Yellow Bird
  • Scherzino Del Norte
  • Danza De Un Recuerdo
  • Greensleeves
  • Cancion Del Recuerdo
  • Aire De Malambo
  • Brazilian Sunrise
  • Barcarole
  • Campanas
  • Homage To A Dance
  • Sevilla

Music Notation (No TAB) Book: $27.95

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