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  200x Unix Fundamentals
Description This five-day course is designed for newcomers to Unix, in most of its popular variants, including SCO, AIX, Motorola Unix, HP-UX, and NCR/AT&T. It is appropriate for software professionals, systems analysts, project managers and support specialists who have a working knowledge of an operating system such as VMS, DOS, OS/2 or Pick.
  • Overview of the Unix File System
  • Using the vi Editor
  • Using Unix Shells
  • Unix Shell Scripts
  • Using Mail and Inter-Terminal Communications
  • File Ownership, Groups, and Permissions
  • Process Monitoring
  • Using the Administration Menu
  • Backing up and Restoring Unix
  • Device Management
  • Managing Users
  • Security
  • Unix Commands
  • Phantoms (crons)
Prerequisites A working knowledge of an operating system such as DOS, OS/2 VMS or Pick.
Tuition On-site only.
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