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250mnt mv.BASE Admin. for NT
Description This three-day course teaches the mv.BASE and Windows NT administrator the basics of how to manage all aspects of the mv.BASE system. This includes: relationship between NT and mv.BASE, mv.BASE installation and configuration, file system layout, database management, administration of devices, users, and sessions, network concepts including ‘dumb’ terminal application support, client/server interaction from both telnet and OCX/API considerations, use of mv.TERM, telnet and wIntegrate sessions, mv.BASE/NT interaction with regard to Virtual Memory Storage Files (VMSF) and Virtual Tape Files (VTF), information about the Software Developers Kit (SDK) and its interface to client applications.
  • Overview of components and structure
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Device Administration
  • Use of mv.TERM, Telnet and wIntegrate sessions
  • Application conversion
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