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  305 Student Comments
"Many different ways to do the same thing (choice). It was very good." 10/00
"This class was excellent. We all received individual help as needed. It helps build confidence when the instructor is right there immediately to answer your questions so you don't lose your train of thought by waiting." 10/00
"All info was good. I am much more confident in myself when it comes to reading the code or writing my own code. Everything makes more sense to me now. Kathy is very knowledgeable. Just keep up the good work." 10/00
"Great job by Kathy! Kept it simple even though I kept complicating it..." 6/00
"Excellent instructor - great school." 6/00
"Great job!" 2/00
"I enjoy taking classes with Kathy Pearson. I think she is very knowledgeable and does a great job as an instructor." 2/00
"Very informative class overall. Even for non-programmer, easy to pick up." 2/00