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Big Developments

Recently, the New York Times stated that there were 32 million copies of NetScape‘s Web browser in use today, with 8 million of them being used on the Internet. So where are the rest of the copies being used? They’re on the InTRAnet.

The Intranet dwarfs the Internet. It is an almost countless network of local networks within companies, all of which can use Web browsers to reference local Web pages within the organization.

The next giant-killer application is most likely the Java language, from Sun Microsystems. According to Sun, Java is "A simple, object-oriented, distributed, interpreted, robust, secure, architecture neutral, portable, high-performance, multithreaded, and dynamic language."

On December 3rd, Sun and Netscape announced a user-friendly version of the Java software technology for the Web. By the end of the week, Microsoft announced that they had entered into an agreement with Sun to license Java.

According to the New York Times, "The Internet connections have the potential to change the industry’s balance of power. If the use of the Java langage in programming becomes widespread, computer users would not necessarily need to rely on operating systems as the prerequisites for word-processing, spreadsheet or other programs."

Java, which was originally developed by Sun and is being licensed widely and inexpensively, will in the future allow developers to write one version of their programs. This version will then run on a variety of different computers without special translation regardless of whether they use UNIX, Windows 95, or Macintosh operating Systems.

This is the subject of my next column in Computing News & Review, and can also be viewed right now on our Web pages.

Jonathan E. Sisk

News Bytes

Unidata Acquires Patio Informatique

On the heels of Unidata’s acquisition of System Builder Corp., inside sources have reported that Unidata has acquired Patio Informatique of Paris, France. Patio was formerly one of Pick Systems‘ largest dealers and has many influential customers, including the French Government. Unidata appears to be on a fast track to building up revenues for their long-expected Initial Public Offering in 1996.

AP Renamed to D3

Pick Systems recently announced plans to rename Advanced Pick to D3. It is believed to be pronounced as "D-3", although we have also heard it called "D to the third". In the absence of a more pronounceable name, we simply refer to it as "the product formerly known as Pick". D3, scheduled for shipping in January, will include SQL, ODBC and OSFI - the Open System File Interface, the latter of which provides the ability to have "Super Q-pointers" to local or remote Pick/Non-Pick files. It will also reportedly support BLOBS and include the long-awaited "new spooler", where every print job is an item in a file.

JES Expands Facilities

To keep up with the demand for additional classes, we have recently relocated our offices in Newport Beach. While our mailing address remains the same, our new street address is 20261 Acacia, Suite 200, Newport Beach, CA 92660.

CDP FAQ Coming to JES

JES has agreed to take over the "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) list for the comp.databases.pick UseNet Newsgroup. It was formerly maintained by John Lombardo, where it resided at: Watch our Web page for more information.

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Happy Holidays!

We would like to thank all of our clients for a very successful 1995 and wish you all a prosperous, healthy and Happy New Year!

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200ar Pick/AP Fundamentals
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	San Ramon, CA		2/26-3/1
	Atlanta, GA		3/18-22
	Portland, OR		4/8-12
245r Intro to ACCESS
        Newport Beach, CA	1/11, 4/1
	San Ramon, CA		2/12
250a AP System Admin/Maint
        Newport Beach, CA 	3/18-20
	San Ramon, CA		4/24-26
318ar Pick/AP BASIC Prog.
        Newport Beach, CA	1/22-26, 3/11-15, 5/20-24
 	Atlanta, GA 		3/25-29
        San Ramon, CA		4/8-12
        Portland, OR		4/15-19
320r Intermediate ACCESS
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        Newport Beach, CA	4/2
325r Advanced ACCESS
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        Newport Beach, CA	4/3
330r Advanced PROC
        San Ramon, CA		2/14
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401 Advanced Techniques
        San Ramon, CA		3/13-15
425a1 AP/D3 for Pick Pros
        Newport Beach, CA	Anytime

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200d UniData Fundamentals
        Newport Beach, CA	1/29-2/2, 2/12-16, 4/8-12
        Chicago, IL		3/4-8
245d Intro to Uniquery
        Newport Beach, CA	2/8
250d Unidata Admin.
        Newport Beach, CA	2/5-7, 2/26-28, 4/22-24
        Chicago, IL		3/11-13
315d Unidata BASIC Prog.
        Newport Beach, CA 	2/26-3/1, 4/29-5/3
        San Ramon, CA		3/25-29

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200v uniVerse Fundamentals
        Newport Beach, CA	1/29-2/2, 2/12-16, 4/8-12
	San Ramon, CA		1/8-12
        Chicago, IL		3/4-8
250v uniVerse Sys. Admin.
        San Ramon, CA		1/17-19
        Newport Beach, CA	2/5-7
315v uniVerse BASIC Prog.
        Newport Beach, CA 	2/26-3/1, 4/29-5/3
        San Ramon, CA		3/25-29

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200x Unix Fundamentals
        Newport Beach, CA 	1/8-12, 2/19-23, 4/15-19
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450 SQL Fundamentals
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