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NT Courses!

In response to the incredible demand from our clients, we are putting the final touches on our new NT curriculum. Unlike factory NT training, our courses will provide additional insights into the relationships between NT and your specific database platform. The first classes will be offered for uniVerse NT clients in the second quarter of 1996.

Pick/BASIC Web Book

Also in response to demand, we are now offering a new three-ring binder version of the book, Pick/BASIC: A Programmer's Guide, World Wide Web Edition, formerly available only on the Web. This is an updated and enhanced version of the old hard-cover edition by the same name. It's priced at $39.95 and can be purchased through JES while quantities last.

comp.databases.pick FAQ

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the comp.databases.pick newsgroup is now on line at

JES Turns 15!

In May, JES will celebrate its 15th year anniversary. Once again, we would like to thank you all for your continued support and business over the years, and we look forward to serving you in the increasingly more complicated future.

Visual World

In case you have not heard, a new product called Visual World was introduced at the recent Spectrum show. We feel that it could easily prove to be the most exciting concept that the business-solution industry could have ever hoped for.

Visual World, the company, was formed and is headed by Dan Kelley, a longtime Pick-aware developer. It includes such heavyweights as Dave and Paul Ostby, the authors of Revelation. Since 1972, Dan and crew have been solving business problems using Pick-based solutions. He boasts that he bought his first Microdata system before Microdata even met Dick Pick. They know how to solve problems. Sound familiar?

Visual World, the product, presents a new paradigm for solving business problems. The paradigm is full of new vocabulary such as Attraction Rules, Visual Business Objects, Collaborative Business Modeling, and Visual Business Re-Engineering, to name just a few. They summarize the product with the tagline Enterprise-Wide Virtual Business Environment.

While there are loads of new concepts and capabilities, there are also some new spins on old friends as well, including:

This is real object-oriented systems, from the basement up. Virtual World relies heavily on two classes of objects, Basic Place Objects and Basic Business Objects.

The 5 Basic Place Objects:

  1. City, where all buildings live. (Electronic Commerce)
  2. Building, where your company lives
  3. Department, where Desks and Offices live
  4. Office, where you put your desk
  5. Desk, where you put your Trays, Reports, Cards, and other VBOs

The 7 Basic Business Objects:

  1. Form Objects are used to track work through a business process. Forms can be sales orders, purchase orders, service orders, loan applications, etc. Each instance of work is tracked by a Form.
  2. Tray Objects are used to manage work flow. Forms moved from Tray to Tray based on attraction rules you define. For example, If Order is ready to ship then attract it to READY TO SHIP Tray.
  3. Card Objects are used to store persistent information. If you have DBMS Systems, these files will usually translate directly into Cards. Examples of Cards are: Customer Card, Vendor Card, Product Card, etc.
  4. Calendar Objects, like Tray Objects, attract Forms with business rules, but with the added component of date. For example, Order Forms may be attracted to the Shipments Calendar using Date Shipped as the target date on the Calendar.
  5. Report Objects are used to create reports from Trays, Calendars, and other objects making it easy to report on work in any state.
  6. Journal Objects are used to create journal entries for accounting. As Forms pass through a work flow, Journals can be automatically updated, providing a full audit trail.
  7. VAP (Value Added Processes) Objects are used to perform tasks. For example, you could create a VAP to monitor all orders coming into the Credit to Check Tray then call an artificial intelligence program to check the credit of each order as they arrive. VAPs allow you to create an asynchronous cooperative work flow environment running your entire company.

We held a Virtual World seminar at JES & Associates offices recently and invited a cross-section of industry heavyweights, developers, marketers, and even some actual end-users. Without exception, everyone in attendance was completely blown away. One of the participants observed that he is constantly approached by Pick clients who ask "Where should we go next?". His response: "I used to tell them to just stay where they are. Now, I think I'll revise that opinion in light of Virtual World."

One aspect of this hot new product that particularly appeals to us is its potential integration with the Internet. Visual World uses TCP/IP, the underlying protocol of the Internet, as its mechanism for sending messages between processes and events. This means that Visual World will be immediately Internet-aware, allowing worldwide deployment of applications. This could easily lead to a few more Place Objects, such as country and continent.

Put this one on your must-see list. Contact Visual World for more information at 415-461-6696, Fax: 415-461-6690, or their Web site at

Also watch the JES Quarterly Update and our Web Site for more information, as we have been appointed the official training source for this exciting new product.

Free Visual World Developers Kit Available

This just in! As we were going to press with this issue, we received word that Visual World is going to provide a free, single-user Visual World Developers Kit through their Web Site. We will also mirror their site on our site, giving you multiple sources, in case one or the other is too busy.

Upcoming Courses: Pick / Advanced Pick / D3

200p Pick/AP Fundamentals Newport Beach, CA May 13-17, July 15-19 Chicago, IL Jun 10-14 San Ramon, CA Jun 10-14 Portland, OR Apr 8-11 200x Unix Fundamentals Newport Beach, CA Apr 15-19, Jun 10-14 San Ramon, CA May 20-24 245p Intro to ACCESS San Ramon, CA May 29 250a Pick/AP Sys Adm/Maint Newport Beach, CA Jun 10-12 San Ramon, CA Apr 24-26, Jun 24-26 318p Pick/AP BASIC Prog. Portland, OR Apr 15-18 Newport Beach, CA May 20-24, Jul 22-26 Chicago, IL Jun 17-21 San Ramon, CA Jul 8-12 320p Intermediate ACCESS San Ramon, CA May 30 325p Adv. ACCESS: Dictionaries San Ramon, CA May 31 330p Advanced PROC San Ramon, CA Jun 4 W-100 Using wIntegrate Irvine, CA May 29-31

All students attending our Pick/AP/D3 courses receive a free, single-user copy of AP/DOS, courtesy of Pick Systems.

Upcoming Courses: Unidata

200d UniData Fundamentals Newport Beach, CA Apr 8-12, May 6-10, Jun 17-21, Jul 29-8/2 200x Unix Fundamentals Newport Beach, CA Apr 15-19, Jun 10-14 245d Intro to Uniquery Newport Beach, CA Apr 25, Jul 3 250d Unidata Admin. Newport Beach, CA Apr 22-24, Jun 24-26 315d Unidata BASIC Prog. Newport Beach, CA Apr 29-May 3, Jun 3-7, Jul 8-12 W-100 Using wIntegrate Irvine, CA May 29-31 450 SQL Fundamentals Please call for more information.

Upcoming Courses: uniVerse

200v uniVerse Fundamentals Newport Beach, CA Apr 8-12, May 6-10, Jun 17-21, Jul 29-8/2 200x Unix Fundamentals Newport Beach, CA Apr 15-19, Jun 10-14 250v uniVerse Sys. Admin. Newport Beach, CA May 29-31 NEW! 250vnt uniVerse for NT Newport Beach, CA Please call for more information. 315v uniVerse BASIC Prog. Newport Beach, CA Apr 29-May 3, Jun 3-7, Jul 8-12 450 SQL Fundamentals Please call for more information.

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