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If You Think You Know JES...

In May 1997, JES & Associates will celebrate its sixteenth anniversary in business. When I formed this company in 1981, its principle activity was conducting courses on the Pick System. Around 1982, we started using the tag line "The Pick Training Source."

For the next six years, we built up the organization and the number of associates, expanding into a worldwide operation and mirroring the growth and success of the Pick data model on the three main "variants" available at the time: "Generic Pick", "Reality" and "Ultimate."

In 1988, Pick Systems unveiled "Open Architecture (OA)" and we began running courses on this new version, necessitating a new course line to parallel the existing courses, while addressing the specific features of this new version of Pick. Shortly after that, Pick ported OA to a Unix platform, necessitating the addition of Unix courses and a change to the tag line to now read "The Pick and Unix Training Source."

The early 90's was when the "other guys" showed up to the party. VMark software released UniVerse, an application-compatible competitor to Pick, and another addition showed up in our tag line as we deployed courses on it. Then, Unidata joined the fray, competing for Pick and UniVerse conversion clients, and necessitating yet another course line and tag line change. Even Pick Systems added to the confusion by introducing Advanced Pick, a revamped and enhanced version of OA. (That's three distinct "Pick" product lines alone if you have lost count). So, by 1993, we were the "The Pick, Advanced Pick, Unix, UniVerse and Unidata Training Source."

In 1994, we announced and deployed our Internet course line, which introduced us to the "general population of computing" - and a local market - for the first time. Most of our clients who attend our other classes even now still commute by air, arriving at our classes from all over the world.

1996 was a milestone year, as we rolled out our first Microsoft courses on the powerful new NT platform.

Someone recently observed to me that they received this newsletter but did not always take a look inside at our schedule, thinking that we still only conducted Pick and Unix training. Well, I am happy to report that we are much more than that.

We have essentially evolved into a migration company with a wide-array of specialized courses in eight distinct course lines covering the hottest new technologies, in addition to the courses on which we built our reputation.

Just three months into 1997 we have introduced three more course lines: jBASE, Microsoft Visual BASIC (aimed at programmers familiar with one or more of our other database platforms, now commonly referred to as "legacy" systems) and our newest offering, Data Warehousing.

We never really stop working on our course lines. As improvements and new releases appear, we eagerly digest them and incorporate them into our materials. Each of our teaching associates contributes to this process, and we constantly strive to improve ourselves and our content. But our most important input comes from our students; we learn from their questions, comments, and specific circumstances, most of which show up in our materials before the next class is conducted. To borrow from Tom Peters, we continue the Pursuit For Excellence in every endeavor we undertake. This would explain why we spend so much time and energy learning new technologies that we can then share with our clients, who have come to rely on us as their source for quality education. A great deal of our business is derived from clients who have converted from a "Pick" platform to one of the "other guys", and have returned to us for retraining on their new choice.

Thanks to all of you who have contributed to our success: our clients, our partners, our associates and employees.

We are probably going to have to rethink our tag line, as it is now approaching the length of a reasonably sized grocery shopping list.

So, if you think you knew JES before, maybe it's time you took a look inside this newsletter. We may have something new you can use.

With my sincerest thanks and appreciation,

Jonathan E. Sisk

JES Keeps Expanding

In February, JES opened a third training facility, conveniently located near the John Wayne/Orange County Airport. The 2200 square foot facility is equipped to handle 16 students in very comfortable surroundings. It is fully equipped for conducting Unidata, UniVerse, Unix and Pick/AP/D3 classes and is also available for short-term use by outside companies needing a temporary training center or a place to showcase their products. More pictures and details are available on our Web site.

JES and Cadaceus Team to Offer Visual BASIC

JES and Associates, Inc., announces a new introductory Microsoft Visual Basic course designed specifically for PICK professionals. The 5-day hands-on course will be designed and taught by Caduceus Consulting of Toronto, Canada, and will be offered in Newport Beach, CA on June 9 to 13, 1997. If the course is successful, additional sessions and more advanced curriculums will be announced for the second half of 1997.

Data Warehouse Boot Camp

JES has teamed with MerlinSoft to offer a Data Warehousing course. Data Warehousing has emerged as one of the hottest new technologies for giving businesses a competitive edge in today's markets. Nearly every company is evaluating or already developing data warehouse applications. However, a high percentage of data warehouse projects fail or do not deliver the full expected value. Our comprehensive 3-day training course in Data Warehousing is based on years of extensive experience in developing data warehouse and decision support solutions. We bring together business knowledge, technical expertise, and practical hands-on experience developed from our consulting engagements into our training programs.

Course Dates and Locations --

Windows NT --

250nt Windows Server NT Administration
  -- Newport Beach, CA -- May 12-16, Jun. 23-27, Aug. 11-15, Sept. 22-26
250vnt UniVerse for NT
  -- Newport Beach, CA -- May 19-21, Jun. 30-Jul. 2, Jul. 21-23, Aug. 18-20, Sept. 29-Oct. 1
250jnt jBASE for Windows NT
  -- Newport Beach, CA -- Jun 4-6, Jul. 24-26

Data Warehouse Boot Camp --

700dw Data Warehouse Boot Camp
  -- Newport Beach, CA -- May 12-14, Jul. 14-16
  -- San Francisco, CA --  Jun. 9-11, Aug. 18-20

Visual BASIC --

360vb Intro to Visual BASIC For Pick Programmers
  -- Newport Beach, CA -- Jun. 9-13, Aug. 25-29


250jnt jBASE for Windows NT
  -- Newport Beach, CA -- Jun. 4-6, Jul. 24-26

Unidata / Unix --

200d Unidata Fundamentals
  -- Newport Beach, CA -- Apr. 28-May 2, Jun. 23-27, Jul. 28-Aug. 1, Sept. 8-12
200x Unix Fundamentals
  -- Newport Beach, CA -- Apr 14-18, Jun. 16-20, Aug. 25-29
250d Unidata Administration
  -- Newport Beach, CA -- Apr. 21-23, May 28-30, Jul. 9-11, Sept. 3-5
315d Unidata BASIC Programming
  -- Newport Beach, CA -- May 5-9, Jul. 7-11, Sept. 15-19

Pick/Advanced Pick/D3 / Unix --

200p Pick/AP Fundamentals
  -- Portland, OR -- April 14-18, April 28-May 2
  -- Newport Beach, CA -- Jun. 2-6, Aug. 4-8
200x Unix Fundamentals
  -- Newport Beach, CA -- Apr 14-18, Jun. 16-20, Aug. 25-29
250a Pick/AP System Administration & Maintenance
  -- Newport Beach, CA -- Jun. 30-Jul. 2, Sept. 29-Oct. 1
318p Pick/AP BASIC Programming
  -- Newport Beach, CA -- Apr. 7-11, Jun. 9-13, Aug 11-15
  -- Portland, OR -- Apr 21-25
  -- San Ramon, CA -- Sep 22-26

All students attending our Pick/AP/D3 courses receive a free, single-user copy of AP/DOS, courtesy of Pick Systems.

UniVerse / Unix --

200v UniVerse Fundamentals
  -- Newport Beach, CA -- Apr. 28-May 2, Jun. 23 -27, Jul. 28-Aug. 1, Sept. 8-12
200x Unix Fundamentals
  -- Newport Beach, CA -- Apr 14-18, Jun. 16-20, Aug. 25-29
250v UniVerse System Administration
  -- Newport Beach, CA -- May 28-30, Aug. 6-8
250vnt UniVerse for NT
  -- Newport Beach, CA -- May 19-21, Jun. 30-Jul. 2, Jul. 21-23, Aug. 18-20, Sept. 29-Oct. 1
315v UniVerse BASIC Programming
  -- Newport Beach, CA -- May 5-9, Jul. 7-11, Sept. 15-19

wIntegrate --

200w wIntegrate Fundamentals
  -- Newport Beach, CA -- Apr .24-25, Jul. 7-8, Aug. 21-22

Free Stuff on the Web

How to reach us:

  Snail:  P.O. Box 19274, Irvine, CA 92623

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