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Volume 8.2                                                         July 97 - December 97
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  Now in Ft Lauderdale  
Increased demand for "mainstream" courses paves way for expansion as sites convert to NT.  

JES & Associates recently opened its first permanent facility on the East Coast, conveniently located in beautiful Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. It offers the unique package of services our clients have come to expect: great classes, convenience to a major airport, great deals on accommodations, and a place where you might want to stay for the weekend to unwind with virtually any type of recreation you can imagine. 
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 Need An MCT? 
In preparation for becoming a Microsoft ATEC, JES attracts top training talent.  

We have our first MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer) on board now, and have another six in the laboratories at the moment. An MCT ticket means that this individual has completed a rigorous set of classes offered by Microsoft, and has passed testing to assure that the information was retained and recallable. This is considered a fairly prestigious title, a full step above the MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engineer), a rigorous certification unto itself, and widely considered the baseline of knowledge necessary for a person who intends to support NT in the enterprise.  
Read More About our NT Courses 

 Training Partnerships 
Teaming with JES offers a package of top-notch education and profit to your bottom line, without any heavy lifting.  

If you are in the position to refer clients for training, you have several choices:  

  • You could do it yourself by hiring someone with extensive experience, providing them the time to develop the materials, building and equipping a facility with state-of-the-art projection systems and workstations, marketing and administrating the classes. 
  • You could send them to "the factory", athough we feel that our instructors are necessarily more responsive and receptive to yours and your client's specific needs, plus, they're chock-full of real life information. 
  • You could send them to JES, while making the client knowledgeable (guaranteed), saving them money, and assuring that they will be comfortable with the information they receive, with just a phone call or an email. 
We'd like to invite you consider JES for your training needs. We're the only company uniquely equipped to teach: Windows NT, Visual BASIC, UniVerse, Unidata, jBase, Pick / Advanced Pick / D3, Unix, and wIntegrate. 

We have several partnering options available, depending on your requirements. We can also train your in-house staff as part of the program. Read More About the Training Partner Program and request more information. 

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