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Volume 8.3                                                  September 1997
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Sep 97 - Feb 98
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 Unidata for Windows NT    
In three days, learn how to make your Unidata system sing with NT.    

JES and Associates announces a new three-day course entitled "Unidata For Windows NT". It covers everything that the Unidata System Administrator needs to know to manage the powerful and ubiquitous NT environment under Unidata. 

 Now Appearing: SB+ Courses 
Learn the most widely used Pick-based RAD tool from JES.    

We've added a whole new series of courses on the widely-used SB+ Rapid Application Development tool. Consisting of three 5-day hands-on courses, the new SB+ course line has been designed and will be taught by by Kevin King, author of the book, "SB+ Solutions". The first set of courses will be offered in Newport Beach, CA on September 28, 1997, and will be offered at all JES facilities throughout 1998. 

 Seen JES Lately?
We've recently revamped our site for your ease of use and access.  

The JES Web site just celebrated its third birthday in July, and our birthday present to you is a bunch of enhancements to make it easier and faster to load and navigate. We never stop working on it, and in case you have not visited recently, please visit us again and check out some of the features added in the past few months: 

The above pages supplement what has become one of the most comprehensive Pick-related sites available today, including exclusive content such as: 
We invite you to consider JES for your training needs. We're the only company uniquely equipped to teach:  
NT, Visual BASIC, UniVerse, Unidata
jBase, Pick / Advanced Pick / D3 , Unix, 
wIintegrate, and SB+ 
We have several Training Partner options available, depending on your requirements. We can also train your in-house staff as part of the program. Read More About the Training Partner Program and request more information.  

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