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Volume 9.1                                                  March 1998
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Apr 98 - Sep 98
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 GA Picks JES For mv.BASE Training  
JES teams with General Automation as an Authorized Education Center.    

JES & Associates, Inc. has announced an agreement with General Automation to provide end-user training for GA’s extensive customer base. JES & Associates, long known for their expertise in UniVerse, Unidata, MultiValue, Unix and NT training is announcing their commitment to include the fast-growing markets of mv.BASE, mv.ENTERPRISE and Power95 to their established base of customers. JES & Associates will roll out administration classes for each of the General Automation platforms beginning in third quarter 98. Additional Unix classes specific to these platforms will be included. 

Come see us in the GA booth at International Spectrum!

 A Database By Any Other Name
The term ‘MultiValue’ is increasingly being used in this industry to designate those DBMS that were originally described as ‘Pick’ or ‘Pick-like’.  JES & Associates, Inc. has changed the name of our PICK curriculum to MultiValue for that reason. The courses under this curriculum will incorporate more than just AP or D3 DBMS. These courses will continue to include such ‘standards’ as R91, Reality and Mentor, but we will be adding ‘updated’ DBMS like mv.BASE, mv.ENTERPRISE, and Power95. 
 Three New Courses, From Quick Start To Professional Finish 
In an effort to maximize your investment, and for some individuals, minimize the amount of time spent in training, JES & Associates is introducing three new ‘Quick Start’ courses. These courses were designed for the individual who has the ‘need to know’ but is limited on the amount of time that can be spent. As in the case of the Fundamentals of Windows NT, the student is exposed to all aspects of this new technology but would have limited ‘hands-on’ exposure.  Our two new System Builder classes have been added for the individual who needs ‘limited’ knowledge of the SB+ features. 

200nt: Fundamentals of Windows NT. This two-day course gives you a quick start to understanding the Microsoft NT environment. This class is geared toward the individual who is not a networking specialist, but because of job requirements, has a need to know. Due to time constraints this class has limited hands-on exercises. Topic Summary: NT Server Overview, Microsoft Networking Basic Concepts, Understanding User Accounts, Understanding Directory Shares, Using the Server Manager Program, Understanding Multi-Domain NT Networks, TCP/IP on NT Server, Monitoring your NT Server, Recovering from Server Failures, Understanding the Remote Access Services (RAS). 

800sb: Introduction to SB+ Security.  This one-day class gives an individual a quick start into implementing and maintaining security through the SB+ tools. Topic Summary: Defining Groups without Restrictions, Restricting Logon Times, Setting User Flags, Setting User Keys,  Sending and Receiving Messages, SB+ Control Parameters, Printer/Port/User Setup. 

810sb: SB+ Report Writer. This one-day hands-on class shows an individual how to create reports using the SB+ Report Writer definition tools. Topic Summary: Field Definitions, Simple Lists, Sorting Lists, Selection Criteria, Running from a Saved List, Totaling Real or Derived Fields, Breaking on Fields, Associating a Printer to a Report. 

Just like yours, the nature of our business is constantly changing. We continually modify our curriculum to meet the latest requirements of the industry. We add new classes and modify existing classes all in an effort to keep you current. Visit our Web Site often and find out ‘What’s New’ at JES & Associates, Inc.

 Evolving Enterprise Debuts
New magazine targets "Information Technology For Manufacturing Competitiveness"  

DataWorks Corporation and its roster of partners have teamed up with Lionheart Publishing, Inc. to publish the quarterly magazine, Evolving Enterprise. As its name implies, the publication will chronicle the constantly changing environment in which today's global manufacturing game is played. The premier issue contains an interview with Stuart Clifton, CEO of DataWorks, and includes articles from an eclectic cast of contributors ranging from Tony Friscia, president of Advanced Manufacturing Research, to famed futurist Richard Morley. A regular feature will be Jon Sisks' "Training Room" column.

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