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Volume 9.2                                                  July 1998
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Jul 98 - Dec 98
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 JES Celebrates 17th Birthday!
JES & Associates, Inc., was founded in May of 1981, and has been providing quality education to businesses and their employees for seventeen years.  These years have been very successful, largely due to the efforts, expertise, and diversity of the JES Training Staff. We dedicate this issue to these and our other trainers, past and present, who we believe to be the best in the business.
Kathy Pearson Kathy Pearson serves as Training Director for JES & Associates, Inc. She has been involved in education for the MultiValue database industry since the early 1970's. She has an extensive background in the development and implementation of training curricula and programs for operating system and applications developers alike. 
Keith Pearson Keith Pearson began his involvement in the MultiValue database industry in Australia in the early 1970's. His extensive consulting career includes operating system, application and communication development worldwide.
Leland Bomgardner Leland Bomgardner became a part of the MultiValue database industry in 1987. He specializes in the fields of payroll, law enforcement, mail order distribution, and repetitive manufacturing and has an extensive background in bar coding and communication interfacing.
Steven Davies-Morris Steven Davies-Morris has been involved in the MultiValue database industry since the early 1980's specializing in the retail point-of-sale and manufacturing/distribution fields. As a writer in the Pick community, he has authored articles for both The Pick User Digest and Computing News & Review
Gregory Amov Greg Amov entered the MultiValue database industry in 1986. Greg has also written numerous articles for The Pick User Digest and Pick World. Greg specializes in the fields of manufacturing, medical, insurance and political activism. He currently writes monthly book and software review columns for Computing News & Review.
Jon Sisk Jonathan E. Sisk, formed JES & Associates, Inc. in 1981. A prolific writer, with more than 20 MultiValue-related books to his credit, his columns appear in trade publications, newsletters, and are shared at many sites on the World Wide Web. Jon is also frequently called upon as a speaker at trade shows, user groups, and technical presentations.
You may notice the recurring theme in all of our associates: they all know how to communicate. These people possess the rare ability to take highly technical subjects and present them in an easy to understand manner. Coupling this rare ability with a well rounded base of knowledge of systems and how they are actually employed in business, these people offer a unique service to the industry. We are extremely proud to have them with us.
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