Eris 2004 - Snowmass Village, Colorado


Conference Co-Chairs: Louis James and Sunni Maravillosa

Thursday, August 5

Marc Victor, The Drunken Monster Erroneously Referred To As The 'Justice System'
Gerry Smedinghoff, Singapore -- Heaven or Hell? (links to presentation)
Malia Zimmerman, Tales of Corruption in Paradise
Katherine Albrecht, RFID -- Tracking Everyone Everywhere
Patrick Michaels, How I Defeated the Kyoto Treaty & Global Warming Update
Butler Shaffer, In My Opinion, Everything That We Know Is a Matter of Opinion
Dr. Robert Hecht-Nielsen, How The Brain Really Works
Tim Starr, War Is Not (Necessarily) The Health Of The State
Bernard Von Nothaus, NORFED -- real private money
Evening Debate -- Butler Shaffer vs. Tim Starr -- War On Terrorism Or War On Freedom?
Film Screening: documentary, Innocents Betrayed

Friday, August 6

Dr. Jonathan Wright, Alternative Medicine Advances
Richard Stevens, Enable the Aggressors or Protect the Innocent -- Which is it?
Ricardo Valenzuela, Mexico Update -- Immigration, Politics, Prospects
Candida Royalle, One Woman's Revolution In The Adult Film Industry
Eris Interactive Session -- Top 10 Erisian Books & Movies
Kent Van Cleave, How To Get A Naturalized Ethics (link goes to presentation)
James Von Ehr, Nanotechnology, The Real Story
Jeanie Ring, A Transgender Prostitute's Views
Nick DeWolf, Burning Man
Kephart Memorial Vodka Martinis & Red Wine -- Remembering An Eris Founder
Screening of Candida's documentary clips

Saturday, August 7

Larry Wiese, Updates from his presentation last year: The Next Generation in Curing Cancer and Immune Deficiency Diseases
Chris Heward, Anti-aging Medicine -- The Current State of The Art
Stephen Browne, Liberty Language Camps -- Enlightening Eastern Europe One Young Mind At A Time
Michael Strong, FLOW -- A Positive, Idealistic Vision For The Future
Announcements, Closing remarks