Eris 2005 - Snowmass Village, Colorado


Thursday, August 4, 2005

Welcoming Remarks, Doug Casey, Founder
Larry Abraham, The Death of the New World Order...It's Now Official
Marty Zupan, College Students and Where Their Heads Are
Ron Paul, The Loneliest Place
Aubrey de Grey, Meaningful Intervention in Human Aging for the Future
Henry Gifford, Building Science
Gary Hudson, Privatizing Space Exploration
Panel Discussion: New Free Zone Projects, Monitored by Jim Davidson: Panel Members: Rigoberto Stewart, Sandy Sandfort
Peyton Quinn, Adrenal Stress Conditioning

Friday, August 5, 2005

Michael Karlfeldt, What Color is Your Health
Art Goodtimes, The Mushroom Festival
Robert Doornic, How Intelligent Technology Will Soon Co-habit With Humankind
Brian Wowk, Suspended Animation: Not Just for Cells Anymore
Paul D. MacCready, Doing More With Less, Especially Decreasing CO2
Janet Hardy, Polyamorists, Paraphiliacs And Other Outlaws: A Tour of Today's Sexual Subcultures

Saturday, August 6, 2005

Roger Selbert, US & Global Demographics, viewed through a Libertarian Perspective
Stephanie Sailor, How to Turn Capitalism into Media Circus
Ed Warner, Cooperative Conservation: The New Environmentalism
James Eric Davidson, Free Market Money