Eris 2000 - Durango, Colorado


Conference Chair: Kenneth Royce

"Boogie" Bob Baldori, Bill Gates: Market Abuse for the Sake of Economic Oligarchy

Robert Bauman, The New Imperialism: the G-7 Attack on World Tax Havens

Barbara Branden, Ayn Rand As I Knew Her

Robert Glass, Taking It to the Streets

Chuck Missler, Scientific Proof of An Interdimensional Being (i.e., God) as Author of the Bible

Star Parker, How the Poor Get Rich

Larry Parks, The Near Death & (Possible) Resurrection of the Gold Mining Industry

Jack Pugsley, Sorry, My Genes Made Me Do That: Thoughts on the Evolution of Hu-man Social Behavior

Barry Reid, We Never Went To The Moon!

Paul Rosenberg, Spirituality Based Upon Aristotelian, Rather Than Platonic, Assumptions

L. Neil Smith, Back in the Saddle Again for the First Time

Randall Smith, Why Conspiracy Theories Are Bullshit

David Tice, Current Economic & Market Thoughts from a New Era Skeptic

Film, Waco: The New Revelation -- Narrated by former FBI Special Agent Frederic Whitehurst, this stunning 1999 documentary is a companion to “Waco: The Rules of Engagement” which was nominated for Best Documentary in 1998. Using the government's own infrared videotape, this film proves that many Branch Davidians trying to flee the inferno were murdered by federal agents’ (likely Delta Force) machine-gun fire. Last year, “Waco: The New Revelation” was responsible for bringing about three new Congressional investigations that could very well bring down the House of Clinton/Gore. It is truly a groundbreaking piece of work. (In fact, it's so powerful that liberal news media people leave the theater in tears!) We will schedule Friday night to view it. You can order “Waco: A New Revelation” by phone: 877-511-4848