Eris 2001 - Aspen, Colorado


Conference Co-Chairs: Randall Smith and Denison Smith

Thursday, August 2

Welcoming Remarks: Founder, Doug Casey; Co-Chairmen, Randy and Denny Smith
Mike Coffman, Colorado and the Taxpayer Bill of Rights
Robert Poole, Taxation in the Global Cybereconomy
John A. “Jack” Pugsley, The Biology of Freedom
Michael Shermer, Ph. D., Why People Believe in God: An Empirical Study on a Deep Question
Denison Smith, Social Security Privatization
Dan Striepeke, My Life as a Hollywood Makeup Artist, From Elvis to Hanks
Peter Breggin, M.D., Toxic Psychiatry
Lou Paget, Cultural Trends in Sexuality
Dinner at Hickory House. Special Poetry Reading by Richard Harteis and William Meredith.

Friday, August 3

Jim Lord, Confessions of a Y2K Idiot
Ronald Alexander, Ph.D., Zen and the Art of Leadership
David Lashmet, Medical Breakthroughs from the Human Genome Followed by comments from an Erisian medical panel moderated by Dr. Jonathan Wright
An Introduction to Libertarian Thought -- Randall Smith, Denison Smith, Robert Poole
Gene Jewett, When Denial Prevents Reason
Dennis Weaver, Ecolonomics
Adrian Moore, Ph.D., California’s Electricity Crisis: Let’s Hope We’re Not Trendsetting On This One!
Amory Lovins, Natural Capitalism

Saturday, August 4

James Turk, Digital Currency: Changing Business, Reshaping the World
Butler Shaffer, To Vote or Not to Vote
Bill Bradford, Why the Libertarian Party Should Be Allowed to Fail
Harry Browne, A Huge, Untapped Market for Liberty
Stephen Moore, His book, It’s Getting Better All the Time: 100 Greatest Trends of the Past 100 Years