Eris 1996 - Aspen, Colorado


Conference Co-Chairs: Doug & Ancha Casey

Thursday, August 8

Douglas R. Casey, Introduction to Eris
Fr. Robert Sirico, Toward a Free and Virtuous Society
John A. Pugsley, The Biorational Man
Wendy McElroy, The Impact of Pornography On Women
Frances Kendall, Differences Between the Sexes
Michael Hart, The Racial Division of America
Robert Higgs, The Truth About America's Great Depression
Ken Royce, Winning Your Brush With Big Brother
Dinner Party at the home of Greg and Marcia Abbot, Starwood, Aspen


Friday, August 9

Eugene Mallove, Fire From Ice: A Technological Revolution Through Cold Fusion
Robert Doornick, Robotics and Expert Systems
Carl Helmers, Space Debris: A Crisis in the Making
Dan R. Kiely, The Criminalization of the American Entrepreneur
Joseph Heller, The Future of the Human Body
Linda Johnston,M.D., An Opinion on the Value of Homeopathy
Will Block, John Morgenthaler and Ward Dean, M.D., The Latest Breakthroughs in Life Extension and Smart Drugs

Saturday, August 10

Barry Reid, Privacy, and Personal Freedom
Bob Nelson, Progressivism: Past or Prologue
Jeff Pierson, Smart Airplanes Revolutionize Personal Aviation
Creve and Jan Maples, Sex, Evolution and Communication - What Program Are You Running Now?
Doug Casey, Summing Up Eris '96
Picnic at Doug and Ancha Casey's home in Old Snowmass