Eris 1997 - Aspen, Colorado


Conference Chair: Gene Jewett

Thursday, August 7

Opening Session, Gene Jewett and Doug Casey
Richard "Rick" Maybury, The Coming Great War
Michael Edelstein, Ph.D., The Three Minute Therapy
H. Tirima Simba, How Free Is Kenya?
Charles Murray, Recreating the Jefferson Republic
Gary Sycalik and Martha White, Architecting  the Organization of Tomorrow
Lawrence Taylor, Eroding Rights: The DUI Factor
James Dale Davidson, ?
Phillipe Rushton, Ph.D., Race, Evolution & Behavior
Dinner Party at the Home of Greg and Marcia Abbott - Starwood, Aspen


Friday, August 8

Jim D. Thiemens, Forest Management Realities & Environmental Myths
Bruce Bartlett, Supply Side Economics & the Clinton Administration
David Boaz, Competition, Cooperation and Community
Beverly Whipple, Ph.D., The G-Spot and Beyond
Gregory Sams, Let Chaos Work
Xaioao Batmanghelidj, China Today and Tomorrow
Thomas Dorman, M.D., New Research In Human Locomotion and Its Relationship To Back Pain
William J. Walsh, Ph.D., Nutrient Therapy: Medicines for the Next Century


Saturday, August 9

Jonathan Wright, M.D., Natural Hormone Replacement for Men and Women: Anti-Aging, Longevity and Other Effects
Jeffrey Rogers Hummel, The Economic Impact of the Civil War: One Nation Under Big Government
Kenneth Royce, The Hologram of Liberty: A Fresh Look At the Constitution
R.W. "Bill" Bradford, Comments on the 10th Anniversary of Liberty Magazine, conceived and founded at Eris.
Harry Browne, On Running For President As a Libertarian
Doug Casey, Eris '97 Windup
Picnic at Doug and Ancha Casey's home in Old Snowmass