Eris 1998 - Aspen, Colorado


Conference Chair: Michael Foudy

Thursday, August 6

Opening Session, Welcoming Remarks: Mike Foudy, Doug Casey
Richard “Rick” Maybury, Where I Planted the Bomb
Thea Alexander, Facing the Judge
Fred Alan Wolf, Boundary Between Physics and Spirit
David Hackworth, State of America’s Military Readiness
Calvin Clawson, Mathematics and Human Intelligence
Brad Blanton, Honesty Rebellion
A Health Forum, Moderator:  Dr. Mark Draper -- Panelists: Drs. F. Batmanghelidj, Linda Johnston, Bob Pumphrey, Jonathan Wright
"Casey at the Bat" -- a ballad by Mark Skousen


Friday, August 7

Larry Parks, The Oncoming Banking Collapse and the Fight for Honest Money
Jim Lord, Y2K Problem
General Ben Partin (Retired), Bombings, Terrorism and ‘The New World Order’
Jim Boyd, Will Micro-Machines Destroy the Mega-State?
David L. Sifry, Virtual Private Networks and Encryption Technology
Mark Skousen, Puzzles & Paradoxes in Economics
Phil Burgess, Global Warming Myths
Amory Lovins, Global Warming Solutions


Saturday, August 8

Dr. Thomas Dorman, The Mystery Whiplash Injuries:  Emblematic of the Failure of Specialization in Modern Society
Dr. Ravi Batra, The Crash of '98 & '99
J. Neil Schulman
Fred Smith
Eris '98 Windup, Doug Casey