Eris 1999 - Aspen, Colorado


Conference Chair: Vernie Kuglin

Wednesday, August 4

Opening Session, Welcoming Remarks Vernie Kuglin, Doug Casey
Karl Hess, Jr. Ph.D., An Anarchist's Life
Paul Rosenberg, Optical Fiber, the Internet, and the Private Economy
Michael H. Hart, Ph.D, A View From the Year 3000: A Ranking of the 100 Most Influential Persons of All Time
Wes McKinley, The Rocky Flats Grand Jury
Liah Kraft-Kristaine, Brain Power for the 21st Century
John Landgraf, Ph.D. and Jack Freeman, Laissez Faire City: The Cyberspace Economic Community
Richard Panek, Seeing and Believing: How the Telescope Opened Our Eyes and Minds to the Heavens


Thursday, August 6

Erika Kovalick, "Homo Soveticus" Faces New Reality/Doing Business in Post-Communist Countries
Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, Ph.D., Dealing With Your Mind After 2012
Carl Helmers, Gold's The Deep Hot Biosphere and Maddox's What Remains to be Discovered
Lawrence Parks, Ph.D., Why the Gold Industry is Being Destroyed and What to Do About It
Video, How to Say No to the IRS and Make it Stick, -- By Joe Bannister and Eddie Kahn
Q&A — Vernie Kuglin


Friday, August 6

Henry Lamb, How the United Nations Influences Domestic Policy
Alfred Adask The AntiShyster
michael ryce, ph.d. Why Is This Happening To Me... Again?
Celia Drake, Ph.D., Profiling the Criminal Mind: Its Orbit and Trajectory
Jonathan Wright, M.D., Maximize Your Vitality and Potency For Men Over 45: Natural Testosterones and Other Supplements to Reverse the Effects of Aging
Mark Skousen, Ph.D., Lin Yutang's The Importance of Living
Film: Cold Fusion: Fire From Water -- Afternoon at the Movies with Eugene Mallove
Dinner Party at the Abbot home, Starwood.


Saturday, August 7

Thomas Dorman, M.D., What Does Dark Field Microscopy Reveal About Your Blood?
Larry Dodge, Ph.D., Fully Informed Juries for the New Millennium
Jim Lord, Y2K Update ’99
Debate: The Appropriateness of Libetarians Seeking Public Office -- Jack Pugsley and TBA
Picnic at Doug and Ancha Casey's home in Old Snowmass