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The All Hands-On ACCESS Video Workshop

Author: Jonathan E. Sisk

Publisher: Hands-On Learning, a division of The Ultimate Corp.

Published: 1991

Price: Unknown

Notes: The Ultimate Corporation went into a service company buying frenzy around 1990, picking up Hands-On Learning and another company whose name escapes us now, but who did management-type touchy-feely training, which would have been expected from a company named Hands-On Learning. Ultimate approached JES with a buyout offer, which we turned down. Around that time, Hands-On contracted with Jonathan E. Sisk to write the script for the first of their series of Pick interactive training videos, with this ACCESS module as the first product. Shortly afterwards, things fell apart for Hands-On Learning and the other company, who were cut loose from Ultimate. Ultimate followed very shortly afterwards, amid a very dramatic meltdown involving many legal and law enforcement agencies, and a stuffed marlin which was carried on a commercial airplane flight as carry-on baggage. We're pretty sure none of these events have to do with the quality or content of the ACCESS training video.


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