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Advanced Pick Reference Manual (2.0)

Publisher: Pick Systems (now Raining Data)

Published: 1995

Price: ?

Notes: Version 2.0, 4th ed, Jan 1995. vp [657pp.]. Earlier editions 1st: Oct 1992, 2nd (version 1.0.4] Jul 1993, 3rd Dec 1993. Contents: Preface; Definitions; Access; Attribute defining items; Background/phantoms; BASIC; BASIC debugger; C interface; DOS; Files; Output processor; Proc; Processing codes; Runoff; Spooler; Systems debugger; Tape; Terminal Control Language; UPdate [sic!] processor; Unix; Index. In this latest edition, the topics are sorted by category and within category by subject, sort of like a Pick Pocket Guide.


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