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PICK/BASIC: A Programmer's Guide

Jonathan E. Sisk

Publisher: Tab Books

Publication date November 1, 1987

Binding Hardcover

Pagination: XVI, 300p.

Edition 01

Book category Adult Non-Fiction

ISBN 0830628452

Availability: Some used copies at Amazon.

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Original list price $36.95

Notes from Jonathan E. Sisk:

This was the first textbook devoted entirely to the PICK/BASIC language. It provided a step-by-step approach to learning the language, and covered nearly every instruction in the many programs included in the book. It was modeled after the popular JES course on Pick/BASIC Programming.


Pick terminology and concepts; The related TCL processes; Fundamental PICK/BASIC statements and instructions; The concept of loops; Calculation and the principle of precedence; String-handling intrinsic functions; Data conversion and print masking; Numeric data conversion and output routing; The CASE statement and controlling switches; Looping with the FOR-NEXT statement; Extending the FOR-NEXT construct; An introduction to file I/O; Manipulating dynamic arrays; A generalized data entry program; Formatting reports and passing PROC arguments; Using the EXECUTE statement; External subroutines; Additional PICK/BASIC concepts; Appendices; Glossary; Review quiz answers; Index.

In 1995, JES republished this book on the World Wide Web - a first for the Pick community - where it is available free of charge in its complete form at

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