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Pick For the IBM PC & Compatibles

John Winters & Dale Winters

Publisher: TAB Books/McGraw-Hill

Editor: Jonathan E. Sisk, The Pick Library

Published: 1990

ISBN: 0830631526

Dewey Class: 5.4469 -- Computer programming, programs, data

LCC Number: QA76.76

Language: eng

Physical Description: xii, 337 p. ; 25 cm.

Price: $29.45


Pagination: xii, 337p.


Just a start; Introduction to PROC; Introduction to PICK/BASIC; Tape and floppy disk: input and output; Working with TCL commands; Extending PICK/BASIC; The basic debugger; Instant data generator; ACCESS query language; Graphics characters and color; COPYDOS and COPYPICK programs; DIF; The PICK SPOOLER; Appendices [A: a file statistics report; B: DICT.BUILDER; C: THE DATA.GEN automatic data generator; D: TEST.COLOR; E; WRITE.DIF; F:a complete transfer session; G: CREATE-BP-FILE]; Extended glossary.