The MVDBMS Google Group replaced the comp.databases.pick UseNet newsgroup in early 2012 in an atttempt to thwart spammers and sociopaths by virtue of now being moderated. The CDP historical archives (1994-2012) are still searchable on CDP is now haunted by ROLEX spammers and one drunk, lonely, bitter, unemployable former Pick contractor. Brace yourself if you visit there.

There is an active U2 Users Group for users of Rocket Software's uniVerse and Unidata products . You can subscribe to their listserver or use this convenient link.

There are a few Pick-type user groups whose links can be found on our Pick Links page.

Wikipedia has some useful information on the Pick Operating System.

There are also a couple Wiki's, including Nuwiki, the first one built entirely on Pick technology, and PickWiki, which has more actual Pick-related content.