How do I schedule a Kidz Planet Party?

You can check dates and times available on our website. Just use our online calendar to choose the month, day and time and check for availability. If you are ready to book the party just fill in the form and once you've submitted the reservation you will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours. You can reserve a party over the phone as well. If you need to re-schedule your party you can do it online or by calling us.

Is there a deposit?

Parties are typically paid in full at the time of booking unless you need to make other arrangements, if you do just let us know and we are happy to help you make payment arrangements that work for you.

How many children does the party include?

The party includes up to 20 children. If you have more than 20 children the cost is $10 for each additional child, the maximum is 30 children.

When should we get to the party and do all adults need to stay?

You should plan on arriving 15 minutes early . Parents are free to drop off their children with a signed waiver.

Are the parties Supervised?

Yes. Kidz Planet staff will structure the party with Rock Climbing, Face painting, Trapeze swing and a brief Parachute play so you and your adult guests can sit back, take pictures and have fun.

What's the party like?

Upon arrival all parents or guardians must sign the waiver sheet before the kids can play. This is for insurance and safety purposes. Children play without shoes. The party begins with one of our staff bringing the children into the gym space and going over the rules. Kids can then play on any of the activities they want for approximately 25 minutes. Then the staff will ask all the children to gather around and play some games with a parachute to celebrate the birthday child's party. This is the time where the birthday boy or girl can be the center of attention be excited while all the kids and parents help shake and play games with our cool glow in the dark parachute. (if they don't want the attention to that it's fine too). After that the kids are allowed to return and play wherever they choose. The party resumes after approximately an hour of play, the children are gathered around the birthday child for a group picture and the birthday child receives a Kidz Planet medal. The staff then leads the kids into the cake room, gives everyone a squirt of hand sanitizer and it's time for cake and ice cream. The party room is set up and decorated beforehand by one of our staff with the decorations and supplies you bring. We can hand out cupcakes or cut the cake for you if you like. And we supply the ice cream sandwiches. If you order pizza we'll put the slices on the plates as well. We do everything so you don't have to.

What kind of food can I bring or have delivered?

Any kind of food or snacks is fine. You can bring or have your own pizza delivered.

Papa Gino's regular sized large cheese pizza is only $10.00?

Yes. If you like, Papa Gino's let's us order it for you and we can get their large cheese pizza for only $10.00 each plus tax. No need to pre-order you can decide on the day of the party, when you arrive just let us know you want pizza. Papa Gino's takes care of us so no worries. Usually we are ordering 3 or 4 large cheese for 20 or so kids. You can order less or more it's up to you and we can cut the pizza into 12 smaller slices if you like.

Do you have a freezer or fridge for Ice cream cakes?

Yes we do.

Should I bring a cooler?

Please don't, we can refrigerate your drinks for over an hour once you get here if you like.

What if I need to reschedule or cancel a party?

Sure, no problem. You can reschedule the party anytime. You can cancel the party with 2 weeks notice and get a full refund. But if you cancel the party in less than 2 weeks there is NO REFUND! but you can reschedule the party ONE TIME.

Have a quick question not answered here?

Just text your question to 774 273 1434