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"Whether you have standard business files, large format drawings, photos, slides, newspapers, books or even name it...we can scan it correctly, on time and within budget."
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Modus Technology Scanning Services for Document Preservation



Since 1994 Modus Technology has offered scanning solutions in the Pacific Northwest. Our highly trained staff and custom scanning processes preserve your valuable information allowing you instant access to needed information now and in the future. Whether you have one or thousands of files in need of preservation and archiving, we will complete the work professionally and on time.


If needed, we can provide the staff to help box and inventory your files so that you know and we know what we will be scanning. Our secure company van will then pick up the files to be scanned and brought to our Modus office where the boxes will be input in to our internal tracking system that enable us to know where each box is in the scanning process. Once scanned your documents can be delivered on CD, DVD, flash drive, external hard drive, uploaded for secure FTP download, or placed on our secure web based document repository for instant 24/7 access.


If you have and existing document management system or platform, Modus Technology can manipulate the data so that it can be easily imported in to almost any system.


What if I need a file that Modus is Scanning?

We are aware that our clients will need access to their files while in our possession and will quickly scan and email, fax, hand deliver, or upload a requested file to our secure web repository so you are never really without your files! File requests are happily performed at no charge and as a service to our clients.

Security and Confidentiality:


Modus Technology offices have keypad entry, video surveillance and are fully alarmed. No one other than Modus employees are allowed into the production are of the facility. All HIPAA policies and procedures are followed when handling, distributing or transporting all files.



Background checks are performed on all employees and all employees are asked to sign a Confidentiality Agreement as a requirement of employment.

Common File Formats For Scanned Images:

  • TIFF - Tagged Image File Format
  • PDF - Portable Document File
  • JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Group
  • We can deliver in any requested file format!

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Scanning Services: Speciality Services:
1. Paper Scanning 1. PDF Conversions
2. Book Scanning 2. Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
3. Photo Scanning 3. Bates Numbering
4. Microfiche Scanning 4. Litigation Support
5. Microfilm Scanning 5. Data Entry
6. Aperture Card Scanning 6. Workflow
7. Slide Scanning 7. Forms Processing (HCFA & UB92)
8. Art Scanning 8. Recycling of Records


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