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Maintaining your home or commercial facilities is the most important thing you can do to keep it safe and beautiful, and increase its value. 

One Stop Services provides every contracting service you need to help you put your best foot forward. Whether it’s environmentally-safe pressure washing, landscaping, asphalt seal coating, waterless removal of oil stains or a unique project that need a special touch, One Stop can do it on time and on budget. 

How important is a clean, well-maintained property? CNN Money says "First impressions count and the first thing most buyers see is the front yard." (To read the entire article, click here.)

One phone call you can get you every service you need, including:

Oil & Grease Removal from Parking Garages & Parking Strips
One Stop Services uses Bio-Dry, the environmentally friendly way to actually remove oil stains in concrete. Bio-Dry bonds with oil and grease to loosen and clean the surface. And it won’t be removed by rain, so it cleans even after water runs over it.

Unlike pressure washing, Bio-Dry is waterless which appeals to many parking lot owners, since water will leak between floors during pressure washing requiring much more down time (no cars can park in the area being cleaned).

Pressure Washing
We use the top-of-the-line, environmentally-friendly pressure cleaning technology, which recycles, filters and cleans, and reuses the wash water. This not only saves you thousands of gallons of water, it also meets the federal, state, county, and city codes which prohibit the dumping of untreated wash water down storm drains.

Pressure washing in the ideal solution to clean residential driveways where, in addition to oil stains, dirt and moss build-up are an issue. 

Asphalt Patching Sealing, Coating, and Striping
After your asphalt parking area has been pressured washed we can bring back that original clean look by patching holes & cracks, adding a fresh coat of seal coating, and top it all off with fresh striping making your parking lot look brand new again. 

Our complete landscape redesigns make your grounds look their best.

Construction Services
One Stop Services can provide virtually any construction service you need.

Packages are available for any single service or combination of services your business needs. Call today for a free estimate.

One Stop Services is the single source for all your general contracting needs.

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