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Lowest in price, packed with features and designed to save you time and money.

Both large and small companies depend on the economical  2000 Series time recorder for payroll and job timekeeping. These companies have learned that their best evidence of compliance with strict wage laws is clock-imprinted payroll records.


They also find that only a time clock can keep consistently accurate job time without lost time. The 2000 Series features the same fine workmanship and high quality materials as found in higher priced time recorders.

The battery model is the answer for power outages. With service up to 6 months from its 4, D-cell batteries, this model is ideal for agricultural and construction sites, plumbers and caterers, or any areas with unreliable AC power.


2000 Series Features
  • Side printing - registers along edge of any size form.
  • Simple ribbon change - no service technician is required.
  • Automatic ribbon shift - self-reversing; assures clean,sharp print.
  • Rust-proofed throughout - trouble-free performance.
  • Coined steel type wheels.
  • Easy reset after power interruption.
  • Time display choice - regular clock face or digital.

For Job Time

Standard job cards can be furnished, or you can register time along the edge of any card or form of your own. Visit our for details of time cards and card racks.

For Payroll Time

We can furnish time cards covering weekly, two-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly pay periods. Visit our  for details.



Here's what the  2000 Series time recorder will save you in total wages for just one year, if it saves only an average of five minutes a day for each employee on a 40-hour week:

Rate of
Number of Employees
1 5 10 25
$5/hour 107 533 1,067 2,667
$8/hour 171 853 1,707 4,267
$10/hour 213 1,067 2,133 5,333
$15/hour 320 1,600 3,200 8,000

The 2000 Series is the lowest priced recorder in our line, yet is made with the same high-quality materials and workmanship found in all our products.

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