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Biometric Access Control

         Biometric identification is the automatic assessment of a unique body feature or personal action. Biometric systems are superior because they provide a nontransferable means of identifying people not just cards or badges. 

           access controll      



  • Prevents unauthorized entry to building or secure area
  • Allows for simultaneous time and attendance and access control punch, or separate time and attendance and access punch
  • Allows authorized personnel access only during the time zones they are permitted entry
  • Management reports detail unauthorized access attempts
  • Badge swipe or Biometric security availability
  • Access Control Feature List

  • Employees can access a door without creating a time & attendance punch

  • Employees can access a door every time they punch without hitting a function key

  • Flexible scheduling for the most complex installation

  • Create an unlimited amount of schedules to be used on the hand reader

  • User definable access granted/denied messages.

  • Lock out a group of employees on holidays

  • Create an “Always Open Schedule” to allow everybody access all the time

  • Create an always-closed schedule to lock out all employees at certain times.

  • Create singe day schedule override for those days companies are closed

  • Flexible reporting & logging

The Odyssey

Finger Print Geometry Reader

peninsula time clock, time clocks sales       peninsula time clock, time clocks sales

The Odyssey from Peninsula Time Clock Inc. is the intelligent and safe way to collect employee work hours, without breaking the bank & Door Access Control. The system collects data in "Real Time," providing error free reports and graphs. Traditional timesheets and timecard calculations are unnecessary, because  Odyssey totals regular, overtime, holiday, vacation and sick time, saving time and money.

This finger print geometry reader is the future.  Eliminate the headache of badges and add the security of biometrics with our  Odyssey.  Employees simply enter an ID number then place their finger on the reader, once verified the system handles the rest.   

This reader virtually eliminates "Buddy Punching" and "Employee Time Theft"  Never worry about your employees losing there ID Cards again!

Peninsula Time Clock Inc. goes one step further from our competitors with the InfiniTime Odyssey.  This finger reader allows your employees to switch departments, enter tips, or even view their total daily or pay period hours eliminating employee inquires.  The  Odyssey also allows supervisors to insert punches, make changes all at the reader.


·        Height – 6.75 inches

·        Width – 9.75 inches

·        Depth – 3.5 inches

Front Panel

      1.      A 32 character LCD with back light display is located in the upper part of the front panel.  Two arrow                 keys are located to the right of the display panel for line up and line down maneuvering.

2.     Six function keys are located on the left, below the display, and are marked and follow: Transfer, Emp, Who’s In/Out, Hrs, Sup, Access/Punch.

3.     A numerical keyboard of fourteen keys, including Return, Escape, and Clear are located in the lower center of the front panel.

4.     The Alarm light is located to the left of the display.  The alarm light is a LED that lights when at least 85% of the memory is used; it blinks when the memory is full or when the terminal has not been programmed.

5.       Button provides for a 15 seconds manual operation.

6.      On the right side of the Odyssey terminal is the fingerprint pad.

7.      Just bellow the fingerprint pad is the internal badge reader.

 Bottom Connector panel

      8.      Power supply

9.     External secondary reader

10.  I2C – I/O Extension

11.  Net – IP connector or modem connector

12.  Serial I – serial port connection for printer

13.  Host – RS232/RS485


SY-760 Orion


  • Time & Attendance and Access control
  • RS-232, RS-485, Modem, and TCP/IP available
  • 512K memory stores over 20,000 punches
  • 10-hr. operational back up battery and back lit display
  • Department transfer capability
  • View employee total hours and last punches and sick/vacation accruals at the clock
  • Magnetic stripe, bar code or proximity badge

The Orion is an expanded memory terminal that can be used with either magnetic stripe, or bar code badges.

The Orion comes with a standard operational 10-hr. back up battery, back-lit display, and 512K of memory, which allows it to store over 20,000 punches right at the clock.

The Orion provides highly secure access control. Hardware and software work in tandem giving you ultimate control.




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Verification time is typically one second.

Positive identification without rejection.

User Friendly
Non-invasive measurement. Hand is simply placed on a flat plate in full view of the user.

Low Cost
System cost is competitive with card reader systems.

Easy Enrollment
Small 9 byte template means fast enrollment with minimum data storage.

System Compatible
Stand-alone or systems use. Emulates card readers for easy integration into card systems.

peninsula time clock, time clocks sales                peninsula time clock, time clocks sales

Networking flexibility is maximized because multiple hand readers may still be daisy chained via 4-wire RS-485 to a terminal using the Ethernet module. This allows for a remote location with up to 32 terminals to communicate with the host via a single Ethernet connection.

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