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Tour Guard Electronic Watchman System

Rugged Recorder Made of Reinforced Polycarbonate is Tamper Proof
Data from the M4000 Recorder is Downloaded Directly Into the Computer Through a Serial Cable, No Docking Station is Needed
Over 2000 Registrations Can Be Stored
Expandable: Additional Tour Recorders (M4000), Guard Badge Buttons and Recording Stations Can Be Added as Needed
No Recharging is Required for the M4000 Recorder
ARES III Software Operates on Windows 95/98/2000/NT 4.0 (with Latest Service Pack)
Works by a Simple Touch....Security Guards Simply Touch the M4000 Recorder to a Recording Station Button to Record the Date & Time of His or Her Patrol.
System Includes: M4000 Recorder w/Carrying Case & Strap, Ares III Software & Manual on CD, DB9 Interface Cable, Two Guard Badge Buttons & 10 Recording Station Buttons w/Mounts
An Optional Incident Pad Can Be Used to Define Conditions at Locations, i.e., "Door Unlocked, Window Opened", etc.
Simple Operation
Electronic Time Registrations - No Need to Buy Special Time "Disks"
Computer Interface Offers Better Reporting Formats
Portable Data Recorder M4000
Recording at the touch of a button

An iButton is a microcircuit, encapsulated in a stainless steel weather resistant button, of great durability and reliability (1,000,000 recordings per button). Each iButton is a guaranteed, unique, never to be repeated, factory programmed ROM. Its 16 character serial number is kept in laser-cut polysilicon links !not as stored magnetic charge!. Because of its design and the strict control of the manufacturing process, the DS1990A iButton is an identifier that cannot be counterfeited. It is appropriate for applications where absolute identification is required. Due to its great reliability, the iButton developed and manufactured by DALLAS SEMICONDUCTOR has positioned itself solidly in the international market as a universal identifier of Persons, Objects and Events. iButton dimensions are Height 5mm, Diameter 16mm.


 Recording Stations

The Recording Stations when touched by the guard with his assigned recorder, will transmit to the said device their unique serial number; this number, along with the actual time and date of the readout will be stored within the M4000’s memory. This data after downloaded into the PC will then produce all the necessary reports to evaluate guard performance.




Supervisors & Guard ID Keys:

In order to assign duties and evaluate performances the system employs ID Keys for Supervisors and Guards; The correct usage of the ID Keys will ensure an appropriate and efficient operation of the system. Who, where, what and when is critical data in the security business. The Guard & Supervisor ID Keys (Fobs). Manufactured in Nylon 66; provide a simple way to carry an iButton where only momentary contact is needed. iButton snaps in. Can be attached to a key ring


Keypad Booklet

If system users wish incidents to be reported, the guard must carry a keypad booklet. A booklet is a 3"x 4" folder which contains on one side the key pad (12 riveted buttons 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0, C for “CLEAR” and E for “ENTER”). On the other side it contains 5 plastic pockets, to carry within paper sheets with the printed incident codes (codes must be defined, assigned and printed by the user). !Again! every time a guard detects an incident he must first record the closest station to the said incident and then record the code of the incident.




Tour Sheet

Areas Report

Shifts Report


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Model PR-600 Watchman Clock

Simple & Economical Watchman System

The PR-600 Watchman’s Electronic Time Recorder utilizes clear, accurate registration of your watchman’s patrol record, ensuring protection of your property and facility.  It is so lightweight and easy to carry, yet is designed for maximum protection against possible mishandling.  The Watchman’s Electronic Time Recorder requires no regular winding and is very easy to operate.  Features
Restricts access to record tape and time by use of a master key
Documents each opening of a recorder by master key with
"K" imprint on tape
Documents opening and closing of recorder with
"o" imprint
on tape
Allows registration of each watchman’s ID prior to each
patrol route
Requires no regular winding
Easy operation
Battery indicator light
99 station keys available
Self-contained dry cell battery provides months of
maintenance-free operation
Designed for maximum protection against
possible mishandling
Lightweight and easy to carry
Lock box available to prevent loss of station keys

21/32"h x 613/16"w x 213/32"d 
        (17.30 cm x 6.12 cm x 11.84 cm)

        1.7 lbs. (.8 kg)

        Tape Length

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