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  • How Hand Recognition Works

Hand recognition devices use what is known as "Biometrics." Each of us is unique from every other human being. We have unique physical characteristics, such as hand shape, blood vessel patterns and fingerprints. Biometric Hand Recognition devices measure and record unique human characteristics for automated comparison and verification.

Modern detection technologies allow precise measurement and comparison of unique human characteristics. Our hand geometry technology looks at the three-dimensional size and shape of the hand. The result of over ninety hand measurements, including lengths, widths, thickness and surface areas are converted into a "template," a nine-byte mathematical representation of the hand. The template is typically stored in the reader's resident memory for later retrieval and comparison. It can also be transferred to a computer or other media such as a magnetic, printed character, or "smart" card.

  • Simple, Reliable Products

Reliability is the result of good design and construction. Our readers have no moving parts. We build them of commercially available components enclosed in rugged structural housings. They meet stringent quality control standards and the demanding FCC and European CE certification requirements.

Our low false accept rate (0.1%) provides the deterrent required to meet the security needs of the nuclear and defense industries. However, the commercial market not only demands the ability to deter unauthorized people, but also the consistent granting of access to valid users. Our false reject rate is the lowest and most thoroughly documented rate in the industry. The odds of a false identification are less than 1 in 1 billion.

  • The Benefits Of Hand Recognition In Personal Identification:

Cards and associated administration costs can be eliminated.
"Buddy-punching" is impossible.
Fast and easy enrollment and use.
Advanced sensing technology accepts grimy hands.
True time clock functionality including department transfers, supervisor over-ride, and time restrictions.
High user acceptance, non intrusive technology.
Low false reject rate equates to a positive user experience.
Small nine-byte hand template easily integrates into all kinds of applications..
Cards and associated administration costs can be eliminate.


  1. Hand Geometry is by far the most accurate of all the biometric identification techniques as has been repeatedly demonstrated by independent government tests over the last 4 years. Its high accuracy guarantees security because of it's high imposter rejection rates, and user satisfaction because of it's low level of false rejects.
  2. Hand Geometry has, by a wide margin, the highest level of user acceptance of all biometric techniques as proven by surveys of biometric equipment users.
  3. Hand Geometry has the lowest level of user concern of all biometric techniques as proven by surveys of biometric equipment users.
  4. Hand Geometry is the most cost effective of all biometric techniques, in many cases rivaling the cost of more traditional card or PIN based systems.
  5. Hand Geometry is easiest to integrate into existing time and attendance systems. Card reader emulation along with very small 9 byte hand data storage requirement allows the integration into time and attendance systems in the same fashion as card readers.



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