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Time & Attendance / Access Control / Identity Verification

Peninsula Time Clock HandReaders identify you by the size and shape of your hand. Our patented hand geometry technology provides the following important advantages:
  • Unparalleled accuracy and reliability
  • Eliminate the expense and hassle of card based systems
  • Fast, easy enrollment and use
  • Easily networked, integrated with existing systems

Peninsula Time Clock HandReaders provide improved security, accuracy, speed, and convenience for a diversity of uses:

  PC Based  (information & videos)
Improved payroll accuracy is guaranteed by the elimination of "buddy-punching," and further enhanced by the use of centralized computer data storage, with optional networking.

  PC Based & Stand Alone (information & videos)
Because each hand is unique,  HandReaders provide a fail-safe method to ensure that the person who gains entry is not simply carrying someone else's access card or using another's personal identification number (PIN).

  PC Based & Stand Alone (information & videos)
From coast to coast and around the world,  HandReaders are easing concerns and boosting security by making sure that the people on a given site actually belong there.

  How Hand Recognition Works 

What is Biometrics?                  peninsula time clock, time clocks sales

  Hand Scan Overview


Odyssey Fingerprint Reader

 time clocks, biometric time clocks

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Manufacturing, Wholesale, Retail
Job Shop, Personnel Services
Hospitality, Construction
Restaurants, Schools
Employee Time Collection & Calculation
Application of Payroll Policies
Attendance Tracking
Costing by Department, Job, Step & Operation
Access Control & Employee Lockout


time clocks, biometric time clocks

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