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Biometric Fingerprint time clocks

SY-780 Odyssey  Fingerprint Reader   


  • Eliminate "buddy punching"
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Time & Attendance and Access control
  • RS-232, RS-485, Modem, and TCP/IP available
  • Stores up to 4,000 fingerprint templates per clock
  • 512K memory stores over 20,000 punches
  • 10-hr. operational back up battery and back lit display
  • Department transfer capability
  • View employee total hours and last punches at the clock
  • Pin entry, magnetic stripe, or bar code badge

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        The Odyssey is a biometric solution that incorporates field proven fingerprint technology and a State of the Art data collection terminal. It uses the unique fingerprint of each employee to verify their identity each time they punch. The Odyssey, therefore, eliminates buddy punching and provides highly secure access control. Hardware and software work in tandem giving you ultimate control.

      The Odyssey can be used in conjunction with either magnetic stripe, bar code badges, or pin numbers.

      The Odyssey comes with a standard operational 10-hr. back up battery, back-lit display, and 512K of memory, which allows it to store over 20,000 punches right at the clock.

"PrimeTime Unlimited" software for Windows and a state-of-the-Art biometric data collection terminal. Hardware and software work in tandem, giving you ultimate control.

PrimeTime Unlimited Software 

  • Network and PC Formats

  • Benefit Accrual Manager/Earned, Used & Available

  • Terminal and or PC log-in

  • Lockout Module

  • Advanced Security

  • Photo ID Capability

  • Voice Recognition Login.

  • Employee's can View Accruals for Pay Period or Daily Hours at Terminal

  • Totals Regular, Overtime, Holiday, Vacation and Sick Time

  • Import Data from Existing Employee Databases

  • Easy Setup Wizard

  • Contains all the Features You've Been Asking For

  • Up to Unlimited Employee Database

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