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Personal Identification:. This is a project-oriented market. The HandKey is used as a means to positively identify a person holding a transaction card, driver's license, national ID

Identity Verification:
From coast to coast and around the world, Peninsula Time Clock HandReaders are easing concerns and boosting security by making sure that the people on a given site actually belong there.


Hand geometry technology provides the following important advantages:
biometrics, handscan
  • Unparalleled accuracy and reliability
  • Eliminate the expense and hassle of card based systems
  • Fast, easy enrollment and use
  • Easily networked, integrated with existing systems

Biometric identification is the automatic assessment of a unique body feature or personal action. Biometric systems are superior because they provide a nontransferable means of identifying people not just cards or badges. The HandKey uses the uniqueness of three dimensional hand geometry to control access to your valued resources. And it does it better than any other biometric system. Results of independent field tests show that the HandKey has the best overall performance and user acceptance of any biometric device.

Verification time is typically one second.

Positive identification without rejection.

User Friendly
Non-invasive measurement. Hand is simply placed on a flat plate in full view of the user.

Low Cost
System cost is competitive with card reader systems.

Easy Enrollment
Small 9 byte template means fast enrollment with minimum data storage.

System Compatible
Stand-alone or systems use. Emulates card readers for easy integration into card systems.

Stand-Alone System
The HandKey can operate as a complete stand-alone access control station. Door lock operation and alarm monitoring of the door status is provided. An external alarm circuit is included for operating an audio or visual alarm. Up to 120 HandKeys can be networked together using HandNet Plus software to accommodate larger applications.

Third Party System Interface
The HandKey can easily be integrated into new or existing third party access control systems using its card reader emulation output. All Weigand, proximity and mag stripe formats can be accommodated. No modifications are needed to the third party systems. The HandKeys can be interconnected via RS-485 twisted pair for hand data transfer.

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