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ACCU-SCOPE® EXC-500 Microscope Series


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ACCU-SCOPE's new EXC-500 Series offers best-in-class performance and value for clinical laboratory and research applications. The newly designed NIS optical system provides sharp, crisp images via Plan achromat or S-Plan APO objectives. The EXC-500 Series' modular design is compatible with many accessories for research, fluorescence, phase contrast and darkfield applications. The optical path beam splitter provides three viewing methods: 0:100, 100:0, and 80:20. The tilting trinocular allows for user comfort. An innovative rackless mechanical stage features a Gorilla™ glass stage insert and allows the user to clearly and easily see specimens while moving the slide on the stage. This is a top-seller for pathology and cytology labs. The EXC-500 has motion sensing Eco-illumination which automatically turns off the LED illuminator when it detects the user has left for 30 minutes, a great energy and lamp saving feature.

Trinocular configuration shown here with optional Lumenera® Infinity 3 Camera.

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Optical System NIS Infinity optical system
Viewing Head Widefield or ergonomic binocular or trinocular viewing head. Ergo tilting heads are adjustable from 0 to 35. Trinocular viewing heads have a 3-position beam splitter (0:100, 100:0, 80:20).
Eyepieces WF 10x/22mm focusable eyepieces with eyeguards. Eyepiece accepts a 26.5mm reticle. Optional 15x and 20x eyepieces are also available.
Nosepiece Reversed sextuple, ball bearing nosepiece with positive click stops to ensure parcentration.
Objectives Clinical Labs: NIS Plan achromat 2x, 4x, 10x, 20xR, 40xR, 50xR, 60xR and 100xR oil.
Research/Pathology: NIS S-Plan APO 4x, 10x, 40xR and 100xR oil.
Stage Mechanical stage with GorillaTM Glass insert and tension adjustable controls. Size 302mm x 152mm with X-Y movement range of 78mm X 54mm. Optional pathology stage is available.
Condenser Achromat swing-out condenser 0.9 dry/1.25 oil on a rack and pinion with iris diaphragm.
Stand Cast alloy aluminum.
Illumination 3 watt LED with variable intensity control; LED bulb is rated for over 25,000 hours of continued use. Universal power supply 110v-240v.
Focusing System Coaxial focusing system with adjustable tension control and upper limit stop to prevent accidental damage to slides; all metal gears, brass fine focus gear.
Accessories Dust cover, immersion oil and instruction manual.
Microscope Dimensions 300mmL x 425mmW x 450mmH
Physical weight 30lbs.
Warranty 5 year limited warranty for parts, labor, and electronic components. 1 year warranty on LED bulb.

Optional Accessories

  • Digital camera
  • Multi-viewing configurations (2,3, and 5 viewing positions)
  • Fluorescence attachments
  • Plan achromat objectives:2x, 4x, 10x 20xR, 40xR, 50xR oil, 60xR and 100xR oil
  • Turret phase contrast condenser, darkfield dry condenser (N.A. 0.7-0.9), darkfield oil condenser (N.A. 1.25-1.36)
  • Simple polarizer/analyzer
  • Reticles
  • Gout kit
  • Microscope carry case