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ACCU-SCOPE® EXS-210 Microscope Series


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ACCU-SCOPE's EXS-210 Series offers professional features for classroom applications or light industrial inspections at a reasonable price. The clean, crisp optics with variable LED illuminators sets a new standard in a compact "student-proof" stereo microscope. Features a built-in carrying handle and cordless operation.

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Optical System Fixed magnifications; Choose from: 1x/2x, 1x/3x, 2x/4x, 1x/2x/3x or 1x/2x/4x
Viewing Head Binocular viewing head, inclined 45°, rotatable 360° and locked-in to prevent classroom tampering; interpupillary distance adjustment 54-76mm, diopter adjustment +/-5
Eyepieces WF10x eyepiece, 20mm field of view. Eyepieces are locked-in.
Objectives Fixed magnification objectives. Easily rotatable objective turret with finger grip allows for rapid and easy magnification change; objectives are parfocal and parcenter
Stage 59mm frosted glass stage plate in the base provides evenly diffused illumination; 59mm black and white contrast plate is also included
Condenser N.A. 0.65 condenser with five aperture disc or iris diaphragm depending on the model.
Stand Stable and sturdy cast alloy aluminum with an acid resistant finish on a dovetail stand with built-in handle for portability.
Illumination Dual purpose illuminators can be switched on simultaneously or independently and provide illumination from above and/or below; rechargeable LED illuminators for corded or cordless operation provide illumination for 2 hours per charge (depending on lamp intensity set by the user); LED bulb temperature has a long lamp life of 20,000+ hours
Focusing System Dual focusing knobs with adjustable tension control for rapid, effortless focusing
Accessories Dust cover and instruction manual
Microscope Dimensions 7"W x 8-1/2"D x 11-3/4"H
Physical weight 5lbs.
Warranty 5 year limited warranty for parts, labor, and electronic components. 1 year warranty on LED bulb.

Optical Data

Eyepiece Objectives
1X 2X 3X 4X
WF5X/22mm Total Magnification 5X 10X 15X 20X
Field of View (mm) 22 12 8 6
WF10X/20mm Total Magnification 10X 20X 30X 40X
Field of View (mm) 20 10 6.7 5
WF15X/15mm Total Magnification 15X 30X 45X 60X
Field of View (mm) 15 7.5 5 3.7
WF20X/10mm Total Magnification 20 40X 60X 80X
Field of View (mm) 10 6.5 4.3 3.2
Working Distance 57mm 57mm 57mm 57mm

Optional Accessories

  • Eyepieces: 15x/22mm, 15x/15mm and WF20x/10mm
  • Microscope carry case