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Meiji EM-20 Series

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Meiji EM-20 Stereo Microscope

Meiji's EM-20 LED Series Turret Stereo microscopes have clean, crisp images over a wide field of view. This microscope has a compact design and be operated cordlessly with rechargeable batteries making it easily transportable and really useful for schools, magnet schools, museums, or hobbyists. Ergonomic features provide comfortable use for students. Viewing science specimens is easy with the EM-20 as the stand allows the optics to be raised high enough for most any specimen.

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Viewing Head Binocular 45° inclined tubes, one ± 5 diopter adjustment, interpupillary distance between 55mm and 75mm
Eyepieces Paired WF10x/20mm eyepieces. Rubber eyeguards included.
Objectives Revolving nosepiece with choice of objectives: Model EM-20 1x/3x (FOV 20/10/16.7mm), Model EM-21 2x/4x (FOV 20/10/5mm), Model EM-22 1x/2x/3x (FOV 20/10/6.7mm), or Model EM-23 1x/2x/4x (FOV 20/10/5mm) objectives, working distance 60mm.
Anti-Fungus Coating All optical parts are anti-fungus treated for mold prevention.
Stand Rack and pinion design. Ergonomically designed base with 2 object clamps. Alloy metal cast, hardened off-white coated. Built-in rechargeable 1.800 mAh battery and external power supply. Can be operated cordlessly, due to its rechargeable feature.
Frame Rugged, cast metal frame, white enamel paint finish
Stage 6" glass stage plate and 6" black & white stage plate. Locked-on spring loaded stage clips.
Illumination 1 W transmitted and incident LED rechargeable stand with dual variable intensity controls, allowing independent top, bottom or simultaneous top and bottom illumination. LED illumination is rated for 5,000 hours. LED lights rated up to 10,000 hours of life. Batteries allow recharges for total of 10,000 hours use from a single set of 3AA rechargeable nickel hydride batteries. Auto voltage sensing power supply, choice of 110V or 220V.
Focusing System Coarse adjustment with tension control. "Slip-clutch" system prevents against over-focusing
Accessories Dust cover and instruction manual
Dimensions Height: 12.5" base width: 7.0"
Physical weight 10lbs (4.5kg)
Manufactured 100% made in Holland
Warranty 2 year limited warranty