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UNITRON® Versamet 4 Microscope Series

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UNITRON Versamet 4 Metallurgical Microscope with Camera

The Versamet 4 Microscope by Unitron supports a diverse range of observation methods including brightfield, brightfield/darkfield, polarized light and DIC. This adaptable scope is a superb choice for metallurgy, smelt, heat treatment, raw material inspection, material processing, food safety evaluation, medical and clinical testing and geology testing. The Versamet 4 produces outstanding image resolution and clarity. The low-position focus knobs and stage controls, along with the ergonomic viewing head offer maximum user comfort. Adding a camera. Is easy with the trinocular version, as pictured here.

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Optical System Infinity color corrected optical system
Viewing Head Trinocular head, 45┬░ inclined, interpupillary distance adjustment 50-75mm
Viewing split = 100% binocular or 100% trinocular
Eyepieces Widefield 10X/22mm focusing eyepieces with roll-down eyeguards, accepts reticle
Objectives BF: Infinity M LWD Plan Achromat 5x, 10x, 20x, and semi-apo 50x metallurgical objectives
BF/DF: Infinity M LWD BF/DF Plan Achromat 5x, 10x, 20x, and semi-apo 50x metallurgical objectives
Nosepiece BF: Encoded quintuple nosepiece with DIC slot
BF/DF: Encoded brightfield and darkfield quintuple nosepiece with DIC slot
Frame Reflected, inverted metallurgical frame; coaxial fine and coarse focusing system
Coarse range: 9mm (6.5mm up and 2.5 down), Fine precision: 0.002mm; BF/DF slider
Polarizer, and 360┬░ rotating analyzer
Illumination 12 volt/100 watt halogen illuminator with variable intensity and light indicator, external transformer: 100v - 240v input, 12v5A output; ECO infrared induction sensor
Adjustable and centerable field iris diaphragm and aperture diaphragm; Ø32mm LBD, yellow and green filters
Stage 240 x 250mm integrated three-layer mechanical stage, movement range: 50 x 50mm; X-Y Vernier scales; low-position right-handed stage controls; Ø12mm and Ø25mm teardrop stage plate inserts; crescent shaped stage plate insert to allow for rotation of high magnification objectives
Accessories Dust cover and instruction manual
Warranty 5 year limited warranty for parts, labor, and electronic components.

Optional Accessories

  • Digital & HD cameras with measurement and materials software
  • C-mount adapters: 0.35x, 0.5x, .65x and 1.0x
  • Eyepieces: WF15x/16mm focusing eyepiece (accepts a 20mm reticle); WF20x/12mm eyepiece
  • DIC Slider
  • Stage micrometers and reticles
  • Ø32mm blue and frosted filters
  • Ø12mm and Ø25mm stage plate inserts for fixed stage